description of  activities:

  1. Istanbul/Turkey (12-16 December 2016): examining and applying didactics of L2 acquisition using integration training as a means; cancelled due to safety concerns!
    rescheduled for Bilbao/Spain 24.-26. May 2017 !!!
  2. Bilbao/Spain (29 May – 2 June 2017): developing the role of English as the European lingua franca for young refugees in order to participate actively in European politics and develop a better understanding of European common values;
  3. Linz/Austria (19-23 June 2017): reviewing media and materials for young refugees in German-speaking countries;
  4. Veneto (23-27 October 2017): using educational biographies and Europass as a tool for career guidance to improve employability of young refugees;
  5. Zug/Switzerland (4-8 June 2018): designing a teacher training course for German as a Second Language, using ECTS as a European instrument in state-controlled teacher training;
  6. Karlsruhe/Germany (3-7 December 2018): developing a course on vocational language training for young refugees fostering intercultural competence;