1. young refugees in VET-schools, basically 16+:
The coordinating partner is a VET teacher training institution. In the state of Baden-Württemberg there is a special type of school called VAB Vorqualifizierung Arbeit und Beruf (initial preparation for work and job), and there is a special sub-type for young refugees, called VAB-O, “O” indicating “no knowledge of German language”.
Other partners have similar concepts, especially focussing on refugees and their language needs.

2. in-service teachers of these young refugees:
all partners are either schools or proved in the partner-selection process how they are connected to schools and have the power to test and feedback results of the project in practice;

3. teacher trainees:
the coordinating partner is a VET teacher training institution, Istanbul University and the associated partner in Switzerland are teacher training institutions too. This means these institutions have well-qualified and innovative trainers and access to young teacher trainees who are motivated and have the time and task to search for and test new approaches.

4. Other target groups in the educational sector:
We selected partners who focus on these  above-mentioned target groups. However, some partners have a broader perspective, which is not the central focus of the project, but side-effects are most welcome. Examples for these side effects are partner institutions that are closely connected to school authorities (Sweden, Italy) or the Ministry of Education (Germany/Baden-Württemberg).