YouRNI – Young Refugees Need Integration, Erasmus+, 9/2016 – 8/2019

“Integration of Young Refugees – using mobile devices leading to better language acquisition and relevant career guidance”


context and background of the project:
The so-called refugee crisis is not a crisis, but a challenge to governments, societies and individuals all across Europe. And it is a European challenge not a national challenge. Many politicians draw attention to the fact that solutions and problem solving strategies can only be joint European approaches, not steps taken by any single country. Obviously the educational system in each country has to react, and to adopt. This project concentrates on the integration of young refugees in the VET-sector, and it wants to build up a network and connect stakeholders in order to share experiences and best practices.
This project addresses
– various aspects when it comes to second language learning with young refugees;
– has a special focus on vocational language learning and didactics of L2 acquisition and integration training;
– best practices of different countries about how to help  refugees enter the labour market;
– the use of educational biographies and other screening measures and tries to encourage the use of Europass.